Fur Affinity

Fur Affinity
Fender (그림: Mutley James)
권한자 소유자: The Dragoneer
창립일 2005년 1월 16일 - 2005월 8월 1일 (관리자 자격 논란 & 코딩 및 서버 문제)
  • 2500년 12월 10일 - 현재
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nc17 (편집 필요)

Fur Affinity, 줄여서 FA수인 팬덤의 대규모 온라인 커뮤니티 사이트이다. 소설이나 음악, 그림 등을 올리는 것에 초점을 두고 있다.

The site was created in 2005 by Alkora as an alternative to various art community sites such as SheezyArt and deviantART, distinguished by allowing artistic freedom of expression regardless of content rating. It is led by The Dragoneer.


틀:본문 Fur Affinity was launched on 16 January 2005 as an alternative to SheezyArt, with the forum going live on that date and the main site being transferred a few days later from FurPawz. Since then, it has suffered a few outages, most notably a month-long downtime over July 2008, but always managed to recover. In 2011, Fur Affinity annouced it would be coming out with a new major version in connection to FA: United 4.[1]


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