Tracking categories


This page lists tracking categories which are automatically populated by the MediaWiki software. Their names can be changed by altering the relevant system messages in the 미디어위키 namespace.

Tracking category 메시지 이름 Category inclusion criteria
색인된 문서index-categoryThe page has a __INDEX__ on it (and is in a namespace where that flag is allowed), and hence is indexed by robots where it normally wouldn't be.
색인에서 제외되는 문서noindex-categoryThe page is not indexed by robots because it has the magic word __NOINDEX__ on it and is in a namespace where that flag is allowed.
느린 파서 함수 호출을 너무 많이 하는 문서expensive-parserfunction-categoryToo many expensive parser functions (like #ifexist) included on a page. See Manual:$wgExpensiveParserFunctionLimit.
생략된 틀 변수를 포함한 문서post-expand-template-argument-categoryAfter expanding a template argument (something in triple braces, like {{{Foo}}}), the page is bigger than $wgMaxArticleSize.
사용한 틀의 크기가 지나치게 큰 문서의 목록post-expand-template-inclusion-categoryAfter expanding all the templates, the page size is bigger than $wgMaxArticleSize, so some templates weren't expanded.
숨은 분류hidden-category-categoryThis is a category with __HIDDENCAT__ on it, which prevents it from showing up in the category links box on pages, by default.
깨진 파일 링크가 포함된 문서broken-file-categoryCategory added if the page contains a broken file link (a link to embed a file when the file does not exist).
RSS 피드를 포함한 문서rss-tracking-categoryThe page has an RSS feed.
스크립트 오류가 있는 문서scribunto-common-error-categoryThere was an error when processing the modules included on the page.
오류가 있는 Scribunto 모듈scribunto-module-with-errors-categoryThe module has an error in it.